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Just a nice old Michigan boy, hardened by Philly and polished by DC, now living a simple, sophisticated life in the nation's capital, New York City.

The years 2014 and 2015 saw big shows in DC culminating in the Smithsonian, DC Improv, and Kennedy Center. Shrake took most of 2016 to regroup. Now, in 2017, we build a new venture starting in New York . Are you in?



Shrake puts on shows for you.

Shrake has been an active player in the modern storytelling movement since appearing on This American Life and winning The Moth, after which he began performing around the country, drifting steadily toward comedy. He has produced shows at the Kennedy Center, the Smithsonian, DC Improv Comedy Club, Black Cat DC, First Person Arts Festival, Artisphere, Arts Club of Washington, and many more storied venues. He has performed in 7 major U.S. cities on stages such as littlefield, Union Hall, and UCB East in New York City; Oberon and the Comedy Studio in Boston; the Kimmel Center, the Annenberg Center, the Free Library and the Museum of Art in Philadelphia; the Gem Theater in his hometown of Detroit; and all over DC.


Shrake posts to his 'blog.

Illustraion of Shrake by Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners for First Person Arts, Philadelphia

You can listen with your eyes to his thoughts, plans, and stories. About trying to get in good with the Greeks of Astoria. The places he's been. What he was like.

What he wants to build. 



Since Shrake created it in 2010 in Washington, DC, STORY LEAGUE has been the "Nation's Capital of Funny Stories." Featured in the Washington Post, Express, Washington City Paper, Washington Examiner, Brightest Young Things, Washingtonian, DCist, Poets & Writers, Guardian Online, and many more.

Click the shield to visit the official Story League website 

Click the shield to visit the official Story League website 

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Get it Shraked

Shrake can make your words perfect. He's been magically assuring that copy is error-free since 2003. His big-name clients have all benefited, looking and sounding flawless to the world. He'll do the same for you.


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