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"Shrake is an excellent copy editor and consultant to our team. The work we turn to him for is quite detailed and often has a dozen or more versions. He is super responsive, fast but deeply thorough, accurate and a pleasure to work with. We know when we turn to Shrake for copy editing, that we will get the highest-quality work back, on schedule. We rely on him, and he always delivers for us."

— Brand and Marketing Communications Strategist, influent50 / AARP

"We had a tight deadline on a very important book: the history of our organization's role in the international labor movement. Shrake speedily caught a ton of 'dealbreaker' errors that had slipped past others. His editor's eye is top notch and he is a total pro about the workflow process."

— Director of International Affairs, UAW

"Shrake is more than a copy editor, he is a Copy Super Hero. I worked with him for 6 years at an agency where our clients were primarily pharmaceutical, which can be extremely challenging. With strict, ever-changing regulations, we needed not only to meet overall industry standards, but also to adhere to stringent FDA and FTC requirements on everything from privacy to the creative itself. Any copy editor ensures the accuracy of text, catches errors in grammar/punctuation/spelling, and makes sure all messaging effectively supports business objectives. Shrake delivers much more. His creative style and wit have improved everything from concepts to headlines, and sharpened the writing."

— Creative Director, RTC (now Wunderman DC)

"Shrake's attention to detail and ability to work across multiple accounts in different editing capacities is unparalleled. Very rarely do projects go according to schedule in advertising, and Shrake was there regardless to ensure the success of a job. From early in the morning to late at night and even while he was on vacation, he made himself available so we could deliver the highest-quality products to our clients."

— Account Supervisor, RTC (now Wunderman DC)

"I love working with Shrake. He's fast, clever, and everything I send his way comes out stronger. As a bonus, he is fun and quirky and has a great sense of humor. Really, what more could you ask for in an editor?"

— VP/Creative Director, Hirshorn Zuckerman Design Group

"Shrake was a precise, exacting, but very reasonable-to-deal-with copy editor while we worked together at Borders Group, Inc. I specifically remember that in over a year's time, never even a single mistake made it through."

— Interactive Graphic Designer, Borders

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